Villa Colorines


2020 - 2021

As a consequence of the CoVid-19 virus pandemic, on March 13th 2020, a total lockdown of the entire population were decreed in Spain. For several months, all citizens were confined to our homes, an unprecedented situation that led to new ways of organizing our lives and relating to the world.

Named after the name of the house where me and my family live –an old summer house in the Collserola mountain range that surrounds Barcelona – "Villa Colorines" project consists of a journey of exploration towards this limitless and infinite world that inhabits our homes. From what is most valuable such as my wife and our newborn baby to a whole kind of objects or materials of different nature and use: some vital, others everyday - even banal or insignificant - but all discovered and photographed in those sometimes hidden limits of the home .

Thanks to the use of different photographic techniques such as photomicrography, telephotography, interferential contrast photomicrography or thermography, "Villa Colorines" breaks the spatial limits and invites us to discover the beauty veiled in the backwaters of the home, a beauty that connects with an essential vital energy to overcome this difficult period and start again.

Born out of an imposed situation, this series unfolds through technology to reveal the universe that is hidden in the domestic, turning the invisible into the visible, the ephemeral into the eternal and the ordinary into the extraordinary. If during confinement technology became a channel for interaction with the outside world, on the other hand in this series it becomes the bridge through which to enter a surprising inner world.

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  • Villa Colorines key

  • Martha's iris

  • A drop from my daughter's cup of chocolate

  • Full moon night over Villa Colorines

  • Thermographic view of the forest that surrounds us during the coldest days of March

  • Interferential contrast photomicrograph of my thumbprint at 6000x magnification

  • Thermographic image of our newborn daughter sleeping

  • Photomacrograph of the first cup of coffee in the morning

  • Photomicrograph of sugar crystals at 4000x magnification

  • The cat suddenly escapes at night

  • Macro detail of holes in a radio headphones

  • Detail of Yogurt glass after my daughter lunch

  • Catcus thermography

  • Iris Hollandica

  • Incandescent Tungsten Lamp Filament

  • First birthday candle

  • Synthetic image of Villa Colorines obtained by hybridization of Google Earth satellite photography and Google Street View photography