Dogs Among Us

Robert Kalman


New York, United States

These photographs aren’t really about dogs. They’re really about relationships. Deep ones.

So deep a man inked his deceased dog’s likeness onto his chest. So deep another man admitted his dog feels closer at times than his wife and kids. So deep that one woman responded to my question, “What would your life be like without her?” with the stark reply, “I would have no life without her.”

As Gertrude Stein noted, it is a relationship tied to identity:

“I am I,” she wrote, “because my little dog knows me.” It is a tethered proposition; two halves, one whole, umbilically linked by the ends of a cord commonly known as a leash.

This collection of dual portraits, with one exception, was made in and around New York City’s Tompkins Square Park during 2016.

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  • Aaron with Harley Jane

  • Alice with Nelson

  • Aswad with Navidad

  • Christian with Nova

  • Claire with Laika

  • David with Chipper

  • Dominic with Girl

  • Eddy with Red

  • Nora with Rudy

  • Emma with Ozzie

  • Evelyn with Pandy

  • Gaby with Baby Levon and Nico

  • George with Pincus

  • Jeffrey with Bruno

  • Joannie with Augustus Gloop

  • Johnny with his entourage

  • Kian with Ava

  • Kitty with Spit and Brownie

  • Laila with Chief

  • Laura with Elsa

  • Luis with Shai

  • Madalyn with Theodore

  • Misael with Gia Monroe

  • Peter with Jasper

  • Phil with Hank

  • Prin with Izzy

  • Rebecca with Valentina

  • Ricky with Addie

  • Robert with Mr Zed and BeBop

  • Sara with Astrid

  • Suzanne with Delilah

  • Willie with Precious