Rhiannon Bowden

2018 - Ongoing

On the surface the project is about my boyfriend and the love that we share, but much deeper than that it’s about the psychology and my drive towards the creation of the project. Love is knowledge to the majority of beings through the stages of adolescence; the experience and emotions of first love. However, this is something I had not faced; the idea of having a sexual partner seemed so unfamiliar and alien to me, it grew into the normality of being by myself and had grown to be comfortable with this matter and not wishing to waste my time with someone that was not right. It is through this new experience that I can now agree: “Our first love is someone we will never forget and who will despite the insecurities we hold, and encounters we have faced, accept us and love us for who we are. The discipline of photography, through this project work has allowed me to gain this initial education on first love and its overwhelming journey and showcase this to others for them to relate to. The work brings a sense of youthfulness and not only the understanding of another individual but alongside permits the development of our own image and self-knowledge.

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