The Divine Comedy

Rebecca Uliczka

2012 - 2017

The Series “The Divine Comedy” is a tribute to the stories that surround us, the stories that define and identify us.

We can appreciate some basic elements that are components of a story (the notion of seriality, narrative subjectivity and the symbolic references) distilled in some images that are inseparable from the authors' biography and current themes, that are composed in a combination, with a certain hidden beauty in the geometrical formality of this series.

The reference to Dante's work is not only limited to the journey that the subject of the images makes through a building in transformation and distorted by the artifice of its icons, but it unifies intimate elements that compose a subject with the epic and universality of the mechanisms of history, in which this subject will find himself (religious iconography, decadence, symbolic ambiguity). The contrast between the architecture -static and sharp, and the body -smooth and undefined. It talks about that present dichotomy that we find in the authors' roods; on one hand, the European and Latinamerican multiculturalism, and on the other the transformation of her thoughts and believes on behalf to her surroundings and ethic principles transmitted through various literary traditions.

As a result, it will not be surprising that the series of these images will work as poetic elements that move between an evident journey, following a defined space and at the same time, a subjacent through, its own identity. The series of images, in this way, will represent this construction of identity. Religions are stories that define and codify social groups. In this case, we are representing that inquiry regarding the particular story that defines the subject in the images, and we also find ourself inquiring that identity that keeps changing and adapting, and unfinished identity, a process that establishes – that keeps establishing, through this narrative act.

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  • The Image

  • Belong to

  • Two Faces

  • Equation

  • Comfort Zone

  • Me and my Soul

  • Confrontation

  • The Habit

  • Hidden Presence

  • Untitled 1

  • Coming Home

  • Nature is my only God