Positions of Power

Rachel Cabitt

2019 - Ongoing

New York City, New York, United States

In the Spring of 2019 a Brooklyn venue was caught under controversy when it was revealed that one of their investors had a history of sexual assault. An almost seven month long protest ensued to try and hold the venue, with three male owners, accountable. The power dynamics and faults within our small music community suddenly became very apparent. While the incidents did not occur at the venue, sexual assault remains a pervasive problem at venues all around the world and is still a fight that exists among many sectors of the industry.

As someone who identifies as female, a marginalized gender within the music industry, I wanted to start a project that continued the conversation that was produced during those seven months.

At the end of 2019 I began working on a large format portrait series documenting persons of marginalized genders who work in positions of power at New York City venues.

From owners, to managers, directors and bookers, these portraits turn the spotlight on those who are statistically most at risk to experience misogyny and assault, but have the power to do something about it within these venues. Their presence in these spaces alone, as seen as these portraits, showcases their strength while simultaneously prompting the question if strength in numbers could do more to change the industry.

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  • Christiana Bartolini, Booker, at Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn, NY

  • Laura Zirkle, General Manager, Tiana Lopez, Assistant General Manager, and Courtney Schenk, Marketing Director, at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY

  • Saara Untracht-Oakner, Talent Buyer & Production Director at The Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

  • Tess Plummer, Patty Greer, & Emilie Galambos, Co-Owners, at Purgatory, Brooklyn, NY

  • Ana Guzman, Head of Security, & Alexandra Graber, Night Manager, at Baby's All Right, Brooklyn, NY

  • Meghan O'Connor, Production Coordinator, at House of Yes, Brooklyn, NY

  • Mandy Brownholtz, Director of Marketing, at Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

  • Margarita Serrano, Director of Security at The Knockdown Center, Ridgewood, NY