Il pranzo della Domenica (Sunday lunch)

Niccolò Rastrelli

2014 - 2015

Easter lunch, Christmas lunch or Italy's mid-August holiday lunch. But the one

that really everybody enjoys – black and white people, believers and

apostates, the young and the elderly – is the Sunday lunch. A legacy of what

Italy was and the changes it is capable of: places, dishes and companies.

Each to their own, as long as you sit around a table or its simulacra—new

connectors of communities. Bare-chested or all dressed-up, under a statue of

the Virgin Mary or on the beach, on a boat or in the park, on vacation or at

workplaces—old and new Italians break their bread and pour their wine every

Sunday, again and always together in the moment of communion. A

communion that is not biblical or liturgical, but literal. From Northern to

Southern Italy, indoors or outdoors, with the poor and the rich—photographer

Niccolò Rastrelli dusted off the collective imagination about the value of the

most enduring of Italian rituals, to put it back into a multifaceted reality. The

1960s day trip driving a FIAT 500 has been replaced by a gondola ride; the

family lunch with a meal with friends. Grandparents no longer serve lasagne,

and now they have no choice but to be served (much worse food) by nurses

in a retirement home—another sign of the passage of time. His pictures are a

light-hearted, multidimensional journey exploring how dynamics and

relationships in family and society changed, but also how traditional Italy

adjusted and enlarged in the past decades—every Sunday, you will find

communities of Filipino immigrants sitting on the grass in the park; Ethiopians

sharing a meat dish in the restaurants where they once were clients and are

now owners; friars welcoming curious onlookers and needy people to their

soup kitchen. Around lavishly set or simply prepared tables, the Sunday lunch

celebrates a value that still endures, even when it is not so clear to its own,

unconscious bearers—the sense of community

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  • Sunday June 22, 2014 – Florence
    Lunch at the Cascine Park
    Menu: chicharrón (fried meat) with corn, rice and vegetables, purple potatoes

  • Sunday June 8, 2014 – Signa (Florence)
    Lunch in a retirement home
    Menu: pasta with tuna sauce, meatballs with potatoes and cauliflower gratin, baked pears.

  • Sunday December 21, 2014 – Firenze
    Lunch in private house
    Menù: cornmeal croutons with lard, cannelloni with meat sauce, capon stuffed, roast
    potatoes, white Christmas dessert (cake with white chocolate)

  • Sunday December 14, 2014 – Ruoti (PZ)
    Lunch in private house
    Menù: homemade pasta with tomato sauce, mixed roast meat, mixed cheese (mozzarella,
    provola, pecorino), roasted chestnuts, ciambella with icing dessert

  • Sunday December 7, 2014 – Mosceta (LU)
    Lunch at the Freo shelter
    Menù: barbecue of sausage and wuster, panini with finocchiona, panini with salami,
    panettone (christmas cake)

  • Sunday November 9, 2014 – Settimo Torinese (Turin)
    Lunch in the canteen (Pirelli factory)
    Menu: spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli, minestrone soup, roast turkey breast, pizza
    with different toppings, selection of hot side dishes, fresh fruit, dessert.

  • Sunday September 28, 2014 – Florence
    Lunch on a boat on the river Arno
    Menu: panini with prosciutto, mortadella and salami, fruit.

  • Sunday July 20, 2014 – Milan
    Lunch in Ethiopian restaurant (owners)
    Menu: zigni with injera

  • Sunday June 01, 2014 – Settignano (FI)
    Lunch in a private house
    Menù: stuffed zuccini, potatoe and zucchini pie

  • Sunday June 29, 2014 – Puntala (Grosseto)
    Lunch in the pine forest
    Menu: rice salad, spelt salad, mixed salad, frittata, prosciutto

  • Sunday August 10, 2014 – Ugento (Lecce)
    Lunch in the pine forest
    Menu: malloreddus pasticciati (pasta bake with tomato sauce and cheese)

  • Sunday November 16, 2014 – Monte San Savino (Arezzo)
    Lunch of the Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany
    Menu: pasta with tomato sauce, selection of roast meats and salad, apple pie.

  • Sunday June 15, 2014 – Milan
    Lunch in private house
    Menu: pasta with sausage sauce, boiled eggs, salami and cheese

  • Sunday September 21, 2014 – San Mauro a Signa (Florence)
    Lunch in private house
    Menu: chilli con carne

  • Sunday August 17, 2014 – Ugento (Lecce)
    Lunch on the beach
    Menu: frise (circular dried bread slices) with olive oil and tomatoes, eggplants and chilli

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