Ransom Ashley

2011 - 2017

Louisiana, United States

Growing up in the Bible Belt as someone that deviated from the status quo, I always had an interesting relationship with my hometown. The same feelings of isolation and unrest that characterized the years I spent at a Baptist middle and high school became mirrored in my town and the people around me as I came of age. Virgins, featuring a cast of my closest girlfriends that had similar experiences with their religious upbringings, is a meditation on the emotions that characterized our lives at this time: we were up to nothing but in search of everything. Having all met in our community theater programs, the narrative image became a means to understand and share our feelings, hopefully giving rise to conversations that would give us the community and sense of belonging that we so desired at this time in our lives.

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  • Disparity

  • Downtown #2

  • Texas Rail Lines

  • American Auto Salvage

  • Aftermath

  • Wallace Lake Dam

  • Stairwell (Elise)

  • High Rise

  • Oblivion