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Violent attacks on gay community are increasing day by day and often with the intention of killing. Recently, on April 26 2016, two gay activists have been massacred in Dhaka with machetes.

Since 2013 the Hijras have gained the recognition of certain basic rights such as education, health, home and have been defined as a “third sex”. Nevertheless, they continue to be victims of daily episodes of social discrimination and abuse, both verbal and physical. This discriminatory situation compels hijras and homosexuals to live together in communities with real hierarchies and internal rules. A "guru", usually the most experienced one, decide who to admit within the group: young newcomers are so forced to begging and prostitution.

In the meantime, according to an ancient Indian tradition of Ramayana, some of them are called to "bless" infants through a ritual made of songs and dances, which are considered as a good omen for the future of the child.

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  • The building were third sex community of Mirpur-Ek lives. They are ten people in two rooms. Dhaka city.

  • Fahim, 22 years. He dreams to undertake medical, surgical path to change sex: the costs of this type of procedure are very high. What he earns does not allow him as a dancer at weddings to be able to bear the costs for surgery. Dhaka, 2015.

  • Noyon,18 years old, every morning disguises himself as a woman and goes out into the street to beg. Before entering the third gender community of Mirpur-ek she was a prostitute and has contracted the HIV virus. She 's beginning hormone treatments to become a woman and dreams of becoming 100% after five years. Mirpur-Ek district, Dhaka.

  • Under the house.

  • Ovik

  • Ovik, as a newcomer in the community, it is forced to beg on the street to help the group's finances, and must sleep on the floor.

  • Noisy pendants and bright colors characterize the disguises used by the group during the dance performances in public. Dhaka, 2015.

  • Sunny performing for some children during a muslim marriage. Pakistan’s ghetto. Dhaka. 2015.