There Is No More Darkness

Rafael Adorján

2020 - 2021

This is a co-authorship work done between two brazilian artists: Rafael Adorján and Maria Baigur.

The title can be a question or a statement. In any case, we are not trying to answer anything. Without knowing every morning if there will be a world, a job or a vaccine, our option is to continue experimenting, trying to find a crack to let the light in. The body, world’s point zero, space where we dream and perceive ourselves, now separated from another bodies, tries to resist the lack of utopias of a world without shadows. Here, this body tries to neutralize the lights of our time and discover a new version of itself.

A permanently enlightened world is disenchanted and sensorially impoverished. The 24/7 system gradually destroys the distinctions between day and night, light and dark, action and rest. As in a state of emergency, where the spotlights are never turned off, you just get used to it. In this selection of 10 photographs, we evoke the symbolic and mystical resonance of the light in painting, and how our perception is transformed by the lackluster presence of technology.

Then, this hybrid body appears: consumer and object, which reflects the blue-violet light of the devices, and reflects not only the pandemic extraordinary situation in which we find ourselves, and also the radical change in living conditions that hyperconnectivity imposes on us. "Joy", said Espinosa, increased the capacity to act, also to think and imagine. We desperately need to imagine, create stories and celebrations. Imagination is essential for collective survival. And with joy, we are able to create even with frightening threatens and experience with the artifacts without falling into barbarism or paralysis.

Finally, our experience wants to reflect on how to remain human, all too human, at this regrettable scenario and, above all, to spread the urgent message that is possibile to create new ways of acting and thinking.

Maria Baigur and Rafael Adorján

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