Qian Jin

2018 - Ongoing

Truth and fiction of images always seem to be a topic for photography. I don't want to get into this dilemma to explore the relationship between reality and fiction of images. But I'm interested in the illusory effect of images. An abstract, blurred, but real image seems to be more expressive of the wind of an image. The scene is more like the artistic conception of traditional Chinese painting, but it is not a painting, but the most "real" photography.

The Seascape - "Yan" practice continues this direction.

When I was young, the Russian writer Gorky's works “Petrel” is my understanding of the sea all, “Petrel” and even affect our generation. Its metaphorical, symbolic and political meanings have faded today, but the vast sea, the wind, the dark clouds and the petrels like black lightning are still my memories of the sea.

The "Yan" series are shoot in the sky, through cabin window, the difference between ever-changing sky and ocean are blur. It is difficult to be distinguished, but I am enchanted by the ambiguous of these attributes.

All of these seemingly real seascapes, such as beaches, seaweed, storms and storms, and birds in the air, are actually changes in sunlight and clouds. And it is this illusion that creates another kind of metaphor and anxiety. At some point in the future, can we only replace the real seascape with this illusion?

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