Paul Yem

2020 - Ongoing

Brooklyn, New York, United States

the work entitled “autobiography” is an invitation to explore my cave.

created out of a curious entanglement of my subconscious, i dwell deep inside to reflect. i conjure up images to recreate a memory, to pull it out of context and into an unyielding light.

this is a fabricated nostalgia in search of a self constricting understanding, a vulnerable, unfillable void. a yearning to forget all of the tiny little details that i cannot seem to let go. one that i piece back together so scrutinizingly meticulous.

i sink deeper and deeper, withdrawn and incoherent and yet i feel unwound and unfettered. it’s where i go to meddle with the inner workings of a distant train-of-thought, so subtly complex yet so sweetly sensual.

so take from it what you will, i only hope that this maze leads you to get lost into your own beautiful conundrums.

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