Thai tale

Petra Vlčková

2013 - Ongoing

Czech Republic

Thai tale

The range of Thai massages has expanded beyond Asian territories in recent years, and this technique is offered in every major city around the world. This type of massage that provides deep relaxation is based on a combined massage with stretching, combining elements of acupressure and yoga. A sign of a good massage salon providing this type of massage is the Thai origin of masseuses.

Thus, women come from Thailand to work, with the prospect of earnings in order to improve the financial background of their current family situation. They leave their families, children, husbands, grandparents and set out on a long journey to places that are thousands of kilometers away from their homes. Common reasons are the provision of families in Thailand and providing study opportunities for their children. These expeditions last for several years and Thai women are thus exposed to separation from the family and their own culture.

They make a sacrifice to their family, their children, while showing their strong inner strength. They are confronted with the new culture, landscape and climate of the country, with not always adequate working conditions, when psychological pressure is exerted and they are forced to work longer working hours than usual. Dealing with them is often beyond the bounds of work ethics. However, they accept this situation so that they do not lose their jobs and do not have to return to Thailand ahead of time. On their mission, they live a new life and form a group with other compatriots, in which, as in any collective group, friendship and resentment appear. They are exposed to life changes in which they experience their story that is full of homesickness, but also a new adventure.

I was introduced to the Thai community by my mother who works in the same resort in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic and developed friendship with them. We found a way to each other and we try to help each other. We know our life paths and plans for the future. Although, women are fragile at first sight, they have great determination and bravery in them, as well as the humility they naturally spread around them.

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  • In the hotel where they work they live together in room no. 4.1.

  • Suei

  • Thais are also in contact with other compatriots who work for other resorts. In their free time, they visit and spend time together.

  • Joint banquets are served on the ground. The photo is from the Christmas period which Thais do not officially celebrate. This time, however, they always hold a meeting, like a small celebration, where they taste Asian dishes with Czech traditional Christmas dishes.

  • Bible in Thai translation.

  • Some Thais will perform an inconspicuous short prayer before the massage.

  • Deng

  • They massage up to ten hours a day. One day a week they have personal time off, which they usually use for shopping and trips.

  • Milk, who came to visit her mother, on a trip to Prague in the Wallenstein Garden.

  • Milk

  • Pneumonia.

  • They keep in touch with their family via Skype and social networks every day. At least in this form they try to communicate intensively with their loved ones.

  • Exceptionally, Thai women return home from time to time to pay short visit to their families, or their family members come to visit them.

  • Duen works in the Czech Republic to allow her daughter to study at university.