Between the Gates

Pauline Rowan

2018 - Ongoing

Between the Gates

When I brought my daughter into the world I felt my female ancestors raise and ground me through the navel of the universe. Each surge widened the space between the two gates of here and there until there was enough room for her to flow through. Together we held open this space and made a cave within the world that rode on tides and let us float upon the universal crest. The space exists in the twilight as we huddle together in the darkness. When my daughter was born we moved into an exhibition garden. I felt as if I had been tossed onto an a tropical island. I was a caged animal. Captured by ideals and aware of a new presence, a fence pacing mother. I lived within the walls and within the gates for 18 months. Tourists would stand and look in my windows. I among the exhibitions of colonial magnolia trees and plants producing intoxicating scents. During this early motherhood time my practice consisted of holding space for myself and my daughter. Images were mainly captured on my phone and on medium format film. Between the Gates consists of 100 images. I have put a selection here. WIP.

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