Workers Behind the Design Yard

The series explores the processes and people involved in producing altar decor designs in the house of God.

Workers Behind the Design Yard is a project about altar decorations in Nigerian churches. The project seeks to reveal the different design patterns that grace church altars by looking at the processes of their design, production, and the people involved. In this series of images, the story is set in the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, University of Lagos (RCF Unilag), and shows students — some who have volunteered and some who have been selected as workers — with the responsibility of preparing the church altar for Sunday services. Referred to as the Decoration Unit, decor workers call one another by prefix-names; by adding "Wise-" to their first names. A biblical reference to the wisdom of designers. The decor designs rely heavily on the use of colour to sometimes reflect the mood or theme of worship for every Sunday, where, red typically represents the blood of Jesus, or its healing power, and green referencing harvest.

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