Wired Forest

Wired Forest is a conceptual inquiry into climate change research, both within the laboratory and out in the field. The reality of a warming climate and extreme weather has become ever more real as droughts, fires, hurricanes, and extreme weather become persistent. A forest is traditionally made of trees, but here I extend the definition to a description of plenty, “a dense collection or amount. My photographs were made made in university and governmental research forests and lab facilities, as well as other sites within the landscape. When the pandemic occurred and travel was not possible, I began to combine my images with archive images from the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Research Station where I am an artist in residence. The CAES is the oldest experimental research station in the United States. The pairing of images creates a dialogue that touches on the surreal while referencing time and changing ideas of nature. I am drawn to poetic narratives that evoke understanding beyond the didacticism and polemics of climate change - one that reminds us of geologic time and the interconnectedness of systems. This project is still ongoing.

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