Una Sera

Una sera (A Night), is a series of photograph captured on a 120mm camera in Dungeness, a desert area in the south of England at the beginning of September 2020. As the landscape was absurd and desolated, my gaze, impregnated with melancholy, found a way to mirror my inner geography in the land. I threw myself in the space surrounding, from light to dark, finding desolation around myself and ruins inside my body.

The lighthouses, that ships use for navigation reference, were also the landmarks that my eye used to navigate this journey, both the tangible and the intangible one. All the certainties of a landscape made of physical objects that silently emerge from the cold soil, looses its traces

when the darkness arises from the horizon.

The land and its entities become blurry while the night eats them alive, revealing their intrinsic sorrowful state of being. The only light that remains available to my gaze and to my lens is the one from the lighthouses that will be soon suffocated by the darkness while still starving from oxygen to survive in my deserted heart.

The series is shot on 120mm on ILFORD Delta 3200.

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