1.2 meters tall

  • Dates
    2023 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Topics Contemporary Issues, Documentary, Social Issues
  • Location Matera, Italy

People contain landscapes and landscapes tell us something about people who inhabit them. Everything has a mystery in itself.

Who is Tina? What planet is she from?

All human beings carry a mystery with them.

When I was little I met Tina's gaze for the first time, from that moment I always knew that one day I would photograph her.

Photography allows me to get to know the other in the purest and most sincere way that exists and only through the proximity of days and hours spent with Tina, of a bit of shared life, have I been able to probe, for a few moments, her mystery.

Tina was born in Matera on 24 May 1969. At the age of 8 she was admitted to the Auxological Center of Piancavallo di Intra (NO). In those years he underwent three lower limb realignment operations with the use of axial fixators at the Borgo Roma hospital in Verona and then returned to Piancavallo to continue treatment and physiotherapy. There she remained until the age of 14. After this long period of hospitalization she returned to Matera as a teenager. In the midst of emotional and personal growth, Tina finds herself, as a child, in her hometown to experience her uniqueness for herself. In fact, no one in the village looks like her.

Tina faces life with a disabling pathology, creating a microcosm of small architectures and stratagems to adapt to the world, which is often inhospitable and not up to her standards.

In the process of describing and getting to know her body, what emerges is that her desire for lightness dominates everything: in the water, in her harmonious floating, Tina feels light and finally without an aching body, she just feels like herself.

A woman like many others who lives in a small town in southern Italy and who every day makes peace with the signs of time that flees and remains on her skin.

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