The Theory Of Chaos

* Chaos theory states that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, interconnection, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and self-organization.

* Chaos theory describes the qualities of the point at which stability moves to instability or order moves to disorder. For example, unlike the behavior of a pendulum, which adheres to a predictable pattern a chaotic system does not settle into a predictable pattern due to its nonlinear processes.

-fully shot in analog film and damaged in the developing process. It’s the process of fighting inner creative demons. The interpretation of ‘Chaos’ to society, to some it’s the inability to adjust to society (crazy) and to others is the beginning [big bang theory] of the creative venture (they are just artsy). In a world full of AI perfect art, there is a beautiful thing about the uncontrollability of results.

-Would love to have financial assistance in order to finish shooting (all done in film) and put up the show. I am currently developing 4 more 35mm rolls and awaiting the results of the chaotic process of damage and develop.

© Antonio Meda - Self Doubt

Self Doubt

© Antonio Meda - The Idea of Salvation

The Idea of Salvation

© Antonio Meda - The Big Bang

The Big Bang

© Antonio Meda - Inner Darkenss

Inner Darkenss

© Antonio Meda - Self Love Isn't

Self Love Isn't

© Antonio Meda - Pushed to Far

Pushed to Far

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