The sound of worms

  • Dates
    2023 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Topics Contemporary Issues, Documentary, Landscape, Nature & Environment, Photobooks
  • Location Veneto, Italy

"The sound of worms" is an ongoing, long-term project dealing with soil as an ecosystem and its degradation.

Nobody sees the soil. We can see the ground, the grass, the cultivated fields, land use and even abuse, but soil is commonly perceived as a surface or a horizon dividing the above and the below.

And yet it is not a surface. It's thickness. It is an invisible ecosystem, made up of minerals, organic compounds, water, air and countless living organisms. It is actually the world’s greatest source of biodiversity - 30% of all living beings are hidden under its surface. It is a ceaseless lab where organic and inorganic compounds are transformed and converted into new life.

Far from being silent miserable creatures, worms are the metaphor of the whole evolution theory - as well as many other organisms living on and in the soil like lichens, mycelium and microorganisms. Along with water, ice and air, they are the invisible players that generated the soil through millions of years and allowed anything above its surface to flourish. The action of these creatures represents the perpetual engine preserving life on earth.

It takes 2000 years to generate 8 cm of soil. A sealed soil is a killed soil. Therefore for human purposes, soil is a non-renewable resource. As a floodplain, the Po Valley is one of the most fertile soils in the world but is ranked as the first area in Italy for soil consumption.

While death on soil is temporary, death on concrete is forever. This perspective may be a starting point for a less anthropocentric vision and anthropogenic behaviour.

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