The irrelevance

Based on the concept of existentialism, in which human existence is in focus, I examine in my series the immediate experience and the subjective experience. Both form a dialogue between the individual and society. In this context, experiences of absurdity, strangeness as well as freedom play a central role. In the currently socially relevant topics, I see the individual as an elementary part of every society – society comes into existence through the constant interaction of the individuals.

Referring to Sartre, who assumes that people are condemned to freedom because of their awareness of their existence, the question of the subjective experience of free will is different in our age.

How do I experience the world with its diverse traditions, its aesthetics and its possibilities?

Due to the ubiquitous optionality, the individual attempt of creating a meaningful life works like alienation.

The project dates from 2018/2019 and consists of fifteen colour photographs. In order to illustrate subjectively perceived absurdity and involvement in society, I design my series through both staged photographs and snapshots. Through the staging I create a picture of my perception of the world and through the found reality I reflect it again. But how do my individual perception and reality come together? At first glance, the pictures seem almost unimportant and irrelevant. This should illustrate the irrelevance with which we encounter things and experience them in part.

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