The great dog

  • Dates
    2017 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Topics Social Issues, Contemporary Issues
  • Location Belarus


In this project I work with the fear of humanity to lose the illusion of control over nature. Being controlled it becomes predictable, and therefore safe for us. What we do not control in any way, we somehow try to explain with the manifestation of the divine.

My focus is on the interaction of the two systems - nature and culture. Passing the process of raising a puppy, I mainly study the domination technologies; I become a witness to the manifestation of varying degrees of cruelty, violence towards each other, both of nature to me and my own in relation to the animal. I want to understand where is that line that separates self-preservation and protects a certain order of systems from the trivial desire to be better than the other. Looking at the details I find our “cultural” attitude to nature, to the dog in particular, to be very modern, extremely egocentric and excessive.

In my project, along with the images, I use the quotes offered to us by the community related to the love of the dog - kennels, guidelines for raising a puppy and also philosophers exploring the relationship between man and animal.

This project is actively developing in areas not related to the dog, but with human influence on the “chaotic” natural processes.

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