"The Anthropocene Dialogues: Reflections on Humanity's Impact on the World"

Discover the intricate relationship between humanity and nature. Explore how technology and AI perpetuate anthropocentrism and hinder our understanding of the natural world.

As an artist, I've created a body of work that delves into the complex relationship between humanity and nature, and how technology and AI systems perpetuate anthropocentrism while hindering our understanding of the natural world. Using National Geographic magazine images as a base, I intervened with mixed media painting to create a historical document that offers a new perspective.

Despite the vast amounts of data that these systems can process, they are ultimately limited by the biases and assumptions of their human creators.

I highlight how our reliance on technology and data can distract from the urgency of collective action and systemic change.

My mixed media painting interventions underscore the ways in which humans have shaped and manipulated nature while acknowledging our incomplete and ever-evolving understanding of it. Through my artwork, I aim to spark a conversation about the importance of recognizing our interconnectedness with nature and the need for a collaborative, nuanced approach to environmental issues.

In "The Anthropocene Dialogues: Reflections on Humanity's Impact on the World," my artwork serves as a call to action, challenging us to question our assumptions and biases, and inspiring us to work towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

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