Sunday Special

Carlos Idun-Tawiah's Sunday Special is a requiem of his childhood memories, and a means to extract the tenor of the Christian Sabbath within a vernacular lens. Through this nostalgic story, he aims to evoke the ethos of community, love and hope.

"Inspired by a close study of the family album and by my recollection growing up in a Christian and Ghanaian home, I tried to highlight the ethos of Sundays from a vernacular perspective. I played with visual nostalgia, juxtapositions, color and gesture to fully extract the tenor of Sundays in Ghana from as far back as I could remember. By creating a sense of community, love and belonging as I always try to portray in my work, I was conscious of blurring the lines between sanctity and our humanity by underscoring the idea of how community and divinity could exist in one place.

I also remarked on various observations I made growing up, and sought to answer some questions that surfaced whenever I tried to relive the past by combing through my family album.

My goal is to have everyone who sees this body of work go back in time in one way or the other; to incite that delight that can only be found when we look back and to provoke the sweet joys of what our memories could best serve us."

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