• Dates
    2014 - 2014
  • Author
  • Topics Contemporary Issues, Documentary, Fine Art

The beauty of analogue cinema projection and the work that lied within and has now disappeared.

This is a series of pictures of so-called filmplates which were used for 14 years in a big Multiplex-Cinema until March of 2013. These plates transported the analogue 35mm-Film by rotation to the filmprojectors which are not in use there anymore. What we see on these pictures are the scratches made by the projectionists who worked there and showed thousands of films. We also see the patina which was left by all these films.

All of that is gone.

The plates, the films and even the projectionists were replaced by an all-digital workflow which leaves no traces at all.

For me, it shows the uniqueness and beauty of handmade work and the traces left by this work and by the physically existing films.

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