Still Hungry

Celeste Knirke Arnstedt (b.1995) Still Hungry / 2021

Celeste Knirke Arnstedt: born and raised in Copenhagen where she studied photography at Fatamorgana School of Art Photography in 2016. Arnstedt is currently living in Gothenburg and takes her BA in art photography at HDK-Valand.

Fundamental to Arnstedt's work is humor. Arnstedt's satirical approach to subject-reading is an important building block for approaching critical issues regarding society. Arnstedt's latest project Still Hungry explores the urge to find a common understanding of- and explanation on motives of life. Why are we trying to simplify the narrative of our needs, desires and ambitions? Building on the partially controversial American psychologist Abraham H. Maslow hierarchy of needs, Arnstedt looks critically at what human motivation might be in a visual narrative.

© celeste arnstedt - European Dream

European Dream

© celeste arnstedt - Self-actualization


© celeste arnstedt - WiFi Material

WiFi Material

© celeste arnstedt - Fat Index

Fat Index

© celeste arnstedt - Exercise in Extremes

Exercise in Extremes

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