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  • Dates
    2020 - Ongoing
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  • Topics Portrait, Contemporary Issues, Fine Art

This is a new series that will predominately be self portraits of my real messages of depression and struggling through a fictional world. Oftentimes I hide my true feelings out of fear and judgement.

We all have a story to tell and part of my passion is hearing people share their journey. It’s difficult at times to see what mental illness looks on others or yourself. Oftentimes, its dark wave slithers up, cementing you under the covers or throwing you off balance during your most vulnerable moments.

When I witness those who carry themselves with such glee, I think of them amid my lowest points. How many of us are truly stuck in a silent battle and forced to surrender to depression’s grip. Where there are lovely reminders to reach out and, “you’re not alone,” somehow I find myself seemingly still scared of the stigma to ask for assistance. I know I can’t be the only one.

This depiction is my self portrait in an idealized and fictional form, but nevertheless expressing my previous depressive episodes endured over the years. A quiet struggle to fight that step closer to the heavens and desperation to stay planted to the ground.

I want to continue normalizing asking for help and break the fear behind the first move. We were born to contribute and experience joy, create, love, learn, and more importantly support each other… especially fellow artists. I love you.

© Kat Alyst - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

© Kat Alyst - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

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