Sleepless Lullaby

"Sleepless lullaby" is my own gentle dedication to all our fragilities.

‘Sleepless lullaby’ is a personal research for a timeless reality far away from the one we are living. A break from the rush of growing up, from the need to know what kind of person we want to be immediately and from all the expectations others put on our lives. Sometimes, I really need a place where all is suspended.

We all have so many burdens on our stomach and we keep on adding them as bricks that often do not allow us to breathe as we want.

Vulnerabilities are hidden in all people, the only difference is how we deal with them

when they suddenly appear in our lives. I often notice similarities between mankind and nature: we both have the signs of time on our skin, we are inevitably connected.

We have lived surreal times - because of the pandemic and wars - and we had to hold on to each other. There is something unique and fascinating created by these unions. Invisible threads I want to pursue and discover.

I had to breathe. Just for a while.

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