In the virtual space of the internet, photographs become avatars of the person they are representing. Reality and virtuality melt together: Is identity no longer bound to the physical appearance in the concrete world?

With the technological change taking and publishing a photographic self-portrait it is no longer reserved for a trained elitist group. The urge of self-reinsurance manifests itself in the cultural phenomenon selfie. The image suggests „I recognize myself“ and the publication „I recognize myself in the eyes of others“. By targeting smartphones that show bygone views of myself onto myself, I communicate with versions of myself and allow the otherwise disconnected views to meet in the pictorial space of photography.

The pictures are printed behind acrylic glass. This way of presentation is inspired by the aesthetics of displays, placing the image content in a context between digitality and reality.

Latest Projects

  • I saw a tree bearing stones in the place of apples and pears

  • try, take time


  • Unimportant Message

  • The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Stars

  • Like the Waves Appear and Disappear and Appear Again

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Selfobservations by Franziska Ostermann

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