See You In 6 Months

See you in 6 months is an ongoing documentary series on my parents. In 2017 I moved from Japan to New York City for university. Every year I went home twice, once during Christmas and another time in the Summer. I can only call them in the morning or at night and it takes over 24 hours to get back home. Sometimes we’ll try to meet in another country to see each other more than the two times that we usually get. I often question the choices I made coming here, and I wonder if they thought the same
when they left Taiwan to pursue a higher education in the States over 20 years ago.

In my first year away, I watched my grandfather’s dementia deteriorate in the matter of two visits. I saw him once in August 
and another time in December. By the last visit, he didn’t remember me anymore. In February, my brother, my parents, and I 
flew back to Taipei for his funeral.

I fear how fast time passes for my family. 

This documentary is my way of immortalizing our brief moments together. I want to be able to remember what they look like each year, with their wrinkles slowly showing. I want to be able to feel the warmth of our household, the smell of my mom’s cooking, to hear my dad sing his songs
while Mom tells him to be quiet.

I want to freeze our time together.

If I do, maybe I can wait another six months until I see them.

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