Sabiduría a flor de piel (wisdom on the skin)

Sabiduría a flor de piel (Wisdom in the skin)

Sabiduría a flor de piel (Wisdom on the skin) is a visual homage to some of the elders of the aboriginal people Nasa and Misak from Colombia.

Women and men who are pillars for their communities and which knowledge and life must be take in account for a better future.

A honor to work with Gustavo and Juan Yonda in this project. My most deep thanks to each one of the people Who let me be part of their lives and take an small snapshot for this project.

It includes an itinerant exposition, a website and a free e-book. From 18.000 photographs taken during 4 months 230 were delivered in hand to the people who gave me the honor to take an snapshot of their lives. And I selected 10 for the itinerant exposition which has been displayed in 3 Reservations of the Nasa and Misak people so far.

The website:

The e-book:

Some of the related material:

Playlist in YouTube with some interviews with the elders:

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Sabiduría a flor de piel (wisdom on the skin) by Silvino González Morales

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