Residuos de un contacto

The reconstruction of a feminine bodily experience influenced by trauma. Lumen printing is used to create corporeal traces as symbolic evidence of past aggressions, whose traces are no longer visible.

Residuos de un contacto (Residues from a contact) stems from a personal urge to process a series of traumatic experiences, both physical and psychological, in which my body was subjected to external manipulations and aggressions. These experiences were of medical nature and gender violence, which were influenced by my position as a woman and my age as a child and then a teenager.

I use the process of lumen printing, in order to reconstruct my bodily experience and create symbolic evidence of past traumatic events that left only ephemeral physical traces. The imprints of my body are created through the actions of pressing, crushing and introducing the paper against different parts of my body. Contact generates a print from the chemical reaction between the sensitivity of the paper, body heat, body fluids and sunlight.

The ephemeral and at the same time persistent duality of psychic trauma influences the difficulty of its validation as a private and unnoticed event, especially in a social context where external validation processes are inconsistent, where visible evidence can be considered insufficient, and the testimony considered untenable.

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