Reconstructions as fundamental methods.

This project is an interest in how the human kind in relation to his body stands. We are influenced by the environments we live in. How are we linked to both social phenomena and medical offers?

I am using photography and archive material. The variety of images is based on stories about specific topics such as botox, morbid obesity, implants, facial surgery and measuring attractiveness.

Visual society has a major impact on the way we perceive the world and how we see ourselves. The media is jam-packed with idealized images that gradually become a benchmark of the ordinary.

‘Reconstructions as fundamental methods’ questions the complex relationship between the functioning of the body on the one hand and luxurious alterations to that body on the other.

My interest was immediately aroused by the story of a father who after the birth of his not-good-looking baby, got suspicious about his wife and the veracity of her appearance. He then discovered that she was the result of a 75.000 euro plastic surgery procedure, and filed a lawsuit against her on the basis of fraud winning 90.000 euros in damages.

The perverse nature of possibilities and extensive fields of applications available in both medical and cosmetic markets are at the core of these images, looking at the gray areas between the luxurious and necessary of these physical interventions.

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