Rambling Conversations


Denkovic photographs are made during her travels, in motion, driving or riding between towns or passing through unattractive locations and streets. The background of the series is a constant movement, displacement from one landscape to another, a photographic discovery and looting of a place. The artist is not pursuing any landmarks or tourist attractions. On the contrary: her method turns the notion of tourist photography into an irony. The locations attracting her are marginalized, neglected and unfrequented. In order to record and potentially connect the emotionally charged dots on the map of her movement, the artist resorts to a high-risk maneuver, one that brings photography closer to the adrenalin sports: - While I am at the wheel, I put the camera before my face, take snapshots and continue driving at the same time. With this bold walk at the edge of a precipice she can one of only two possible outcomes: either the emotion becomes visible through the eye of the camera, or the entire world becomes invisible. Regardless of the result, the process - in and by itself - is precious, because it is happening between the visible and invisible, in a crevice of lasting and perishing, at the brink of deciding on a deeper immersion into life or becoming deleted from it. It is in this competition between the creative and the destructive that the artist tests the extreme, confirming that everything has its opposite embedded in itself.

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