Pannochka from Chernobaevka

I caught the inspiration, and I present to you my mystical story about Chernobaevka. Where there is a holy land, where our brave heroes win and die against foreigners who came to Ukraine with evil and war. There once lived a Pannochka, who also lived in the Poltava Province. She lived there for a long time and remained in the ground and above the ground. As a spirit to protect your own, valuable, your people, peaceful cheerful citizens. Pannochka lived in the neighbourhood at the end of the village, in an old, offended hut, with a beautiful view from the window of the endless expanses of crop fields, lakes and rivers. A young family recently moved into this house and let fresh energy into this interesting place. A new life, as the happy inhabitants of a vintage house with a history, said. A new life, nourishing the pure energy of the spirit of the defender Pannochka. With the advent of darkness, the spirit of the lady often comes out of her hiding place in an old beautiful hut. She mounted her dead vintage horse, whose mane was no shorter than her braid. She loved to ride dressed half-dressed in a beautiful vyshyvanka, and on her head was a wreath of poppies and wild lilies. Wild lilies sometimes seemed like snakes entwined and hung in the air like antennas from the universe. Lilies from coastal rivers illuminated the water and air in the darkness and exuded a wonderful delicious aroma. And her hair, long and red, curled and wrapped around her beautiful body. But recently, evil alien gnomes, aliens, descended on her land. Pannochka, without thinking twice, began to protect her land with her mystical charms. Sometimes in the morning going out barefoot in the dew and reading chirping conspiracies to the Universe. Pannochka hugged the trees, and her snakes stung the offenders. She has challenged the dark aliens who are abusing the locals. She beckoned, flapped, tickled to death. She killed everyone who came to her land to kill. She mystically rose from the earth to defend her land, her magic became a white shield, her new family, already native to her. She rose from earth and heaven to help our warrior heroes. Also, she had an army of wild beasts. And the geese that the family got, they thought they were just smart, but they had a secret. Her war geese flew slenderly across her commanding gaze. She didn’t have time to squint her eyes, or somehow show another emotion, right there, from a half-word, her flock of geese and other birds flew and covered the entire canvas of enemy equipment as if with snow, and it went out of order. Pannochka, she is not visible, she is not everything. She is beautiful as a forest mavka, it is impossible to take off eyes from her eyes for the young alien dwarf who came to kill on her land. Someone loses his mind, being introduced into her deception, her nature. Falls asleep and can’t wake up again. As if she creates a chilling space and a flaming ring of a trap and the gnomes go and fall into silence. Someone losing will obeys follow her into the water and drown. She is on her own land, protecting her beloved loved ones, and the alien evil alien here has no power to destroy good playful children. The tale about Pannochka from Chernobaevka was not previously known, we, Ukraine, are writing it here and now. And it was as if they dictated it to me, it came so easily and suddenly that I had to postpone sleep and write, write down, these thoughts on a computer. This association took place with an archive of old photos. Inspiration came to me from the once read Gogol, Lesya Ukrainka about Lesnaya Mavka, all these stories about wild forest mystical spirits of the land of Ukraine. They also protect our land from evil. They are good.

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