• Dates
    2017 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Locations Oakland, Santo Domingo, Río San Juan, Havana, Santa Ana, Michoacán, Union City

8 (ocho) is my number, my sign from god maybe, the small bits of synchronicities and coincidences that are made clear to me when I am doing what I 'sposed to. 8 (ocho) is my abuela's number and 8 (ocho) is our language within languages, it is our wormhole it is how we both instantly travel back together to our island. All good love has been made clear to me by water.

8 (ocho) reminds me to be grateful of fleeting time to long for it almost before it is over. There is a precariousness inside you when you from an island, to live in a constant state of suspension and longing. The shore itself floats as do all our relationships to each other, we are always entre irse y quedarse del mar, y de uno al otro. It has always been water to show me how I love someone, how we end up here submerged together despite the lack of firm ground, floating too can be another form of grounding. My buela says we will always come home here.

8 (ocho) is my abuela's number, she was born 08/08/1948 at 8am at 8lbs and 8oz, and she tells me often when I start to see 8s I know I am being called back to water, back to relationships that are firm in the water.

This call asked for 8 (ocho) fotos and all 8 (ocho) are of love being made firm in the water.

OCHO by Andrea Nieto

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