• Dates
    2022 - 2022
  • Author
  • Topics Landscape, Daily Life
  • Location Erbezzo

The story follows farmers Barbara and Fabrizio in their work on keeping goats in order to manufacture cheese.

This incomplete manual leaves you with no instructions and reveals no secrets. Instead, it’s a starter pack of necessities to perform the activity of keeping goats and making cheese.

An intensely used tool in this process is the body. You’ll need it in almost every step throughout the day. Not only for milking, but also carrying fences and moving your herd. The mountainous terrain of Lessinia adds an extra demanding layer while performing these activities up and down the hills.

The exact course of action, the amount of ingredients and temperatures will be found elsewhere. But from these observations there are other things to be learned. The skills and tools you’ll need are many and making cheese is more than heating milk.

The photographs shows farmers Barbara and Fabrizio residing in Erbezzo, Verona, Italy.

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