Mythography 4 - Vulcan and Uranus

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    2024 - Ongoing
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  • Topics Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Documentary, Nature & Environment, Photobooks, Portrait, Social Issues, Travel
  • Location Province of Trieste, Italy

Mythography is an annual series of photographic volumes inspired by Greco-Roman mythology. Each volume is dedicated to a different group of divinities that represent the thematic guidelines of the individual book.

The project

The fourth volume of Mythography will focus on the themes represented by the deities of the Greco-Roman pantheon: Vulcan and Uranus.

The theme

Vulcan, the god of fire and metallurgy symbolizes working creativity, craftsmanship, technology, deserts, volcanoes, metalworking, architecture and geometries. He embodies both the positive and destructive power of Fire.Uranus, the sky god and husband of Gaia (Earth goddess), is responsible for the vastness of the cosmos and the arrangement of the stars and constellations. He also plays a vital role in fertilizing the earth through rain, which sustains all life. He will represent the theme of the sky, panoramas, skylines and aerial photography (drone).

Who is it for

To photographers from all over the world who are interested in submitting single photos, as well as projects and portfolios. Following our selection, the candidate photos will be exhibited at a major international exhibition within the 11th edition of the photography festival Trieste Photo Days that will take place in Trieste (Italy) from 25th to 27th October 2024.

The photos

Each author is free to infuse the works with their own stylistic code and to choose the type of photography that is most congenial to them. You can submit photos for multiple themes. Whether it's a single photo or a complete project/portfolio, the inspiration has to be drawn from one of the themes represented by the deities Vulcan and Uranus.

To get inspired: discover the deities

Discover the mythological figures that establish the photographic themes of the fourth volume of Mythography. After the first photographic volume inspired by Mars, Saturn and Neptune; the second to Apollo and Pluto and the third to Diana, Minerva and Ceres; this fourth volume is inspired by the themes represented by Vulcan and Uranus.


The god of fire and metallurgy, represents creativity, craftsmanship and technology. He isoften portrayed as physically impaired, a grotesque figure with one leg shorter than the other. His intelligence is remarkable and it is his bodily deformity that compels him to seek perfection in his craft. According to ancient beliefs, his workshop is situated within Mount Etna in Sicily, where he works as a divine blacksmith. 


The personification of heaven and the sky, holds a significant role in the beginning of the world as both son and partner to Gaia, the Earth goddess. He was the progenitor of the powerful Titans. He is said to be the inventor of the solar system, and his domain is visualised as a brass dome decorated with stars. He ruled over everything above the ground, including the sun, moon, stars, winds, clouds, day, night, rain and snow. However, his power decreased significantly when one of his sons, Cronus overthrew him. Even though Uranus continued to exist, he became a quiet and weak outsider among the Titans and later gods.

The call is open to everyone and registration is free, as is inclusion in the exhibition and book if selected. To submit photos, simply register or access the new Exhibit Around user area , select the call Mythography IV and follow the procedure for Single Photos and/or Projects/Portfolios.Each author is free to infuse the works with his own stylistic code , as well as to choose the type of photography that is most congenial to him. It is possible to submit works for several themes . You can find more info and full regulations on

© Trieste Photo Days - © Marcin Giba

© Marcin Giba

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