Mountain of a ?

"Mountain of a ?" takes a close examination at body image, fitness and visual representation through the medium of portraiture.

My experience of bodybuilding has allowed me to discover potentials of my body outside of the rigid gender norms and cultural stereotypes. I attempt to create a similar space with photography: a space where I and my subjects are free to explore ways which we’d like to be represented.

Through photographing collaborative performances of strength and tenderness between me and my subjects, where our bodies empower, celebrate, challenge and ponder with curiosity, I bring forth an inquiry about gender expression, one that breaks free from the bondage of the binary. The performances often consist of a levelling of power and an effort of compassion; I juxtapose still life images and portraits to highlight the range that gender holds, and propose a body image that is negotiated in our own terms.

Mountain of a ? by Weiyi (Margaret) Liang

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