a work about overcoming oppression, external and internalized

Girls do not live well. Nobody asks the girls for their opinion, and everyone comments. Am I pretty now? Or maybe too thick? I shouldn't eat this, this one shouldn't be done. And that should be. Spend hours looking at my body, training. Who do I belong to? Who rules my body, who rules over me? Girls should be neat and quiet, submissive. I don't like this world in which little depends on me and in which I bear the cost of other things not mine. Emotional burden, forced reproduction, unpaid caring work. Will I be sure to come home safely today? Relief, the woman is following me. If girls ruled the world, the world would be different. I don't know exactly how, but definitely not like that. It would have the scent of flowers, hair shampoo, and the flavor of strawberry ice cream, the consistency of plush and cotton candy. It wouldn't be bad, no one would die of rape and violence, and life would be nice, warm and fluffy. Pain and pleasure, violence and liberation are inseparable from women's lives, and the intensity of these elements depends only on chance, time and place of birth. Women's hell continues. I'm not going to be silent any longer, let our voice echo. We want all life, we want everything.

© Agnieszka Sejud - exhibition display Mimesis Bubble #1 3,5 m diameter photographic object

exhibition display Mimesis Bubble #1 3,5 m diameter photographic object

Mimesis by Agnieszka Sejud

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