Michael's war

  • Dates
    2013 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Topics Portrait, Daily Life, Social Issues

The everyday conflict between Michael's different personality and affections

Michael is 58 years old, he's unemployed and has always lived in solitude. Since he was young, he devotes his life to the passion of transformation of his person. Affected by the compulsive hoarder syndrome, collects everywhere clothes and all sorts of objects which then modified to fit to his body and to his needs. His small house is entirely filled by his clothes and his objects and accessorize, there barely is space to stand with him. Michael every day permorms a different character whose he knows the culture and beliefs, sometimes it also speaks, inventing, a pretended language. He does everything with his own hands, stitching trims, painting brooches, building belts and customizing shoes, helmets and hats. Michael's life revolves around his everyday different characters and the great and impossible love of his life. He lives on the charity of other people and the few friends he has. Since I met him the first time, I could not avoid becoming his first friend and supporter. He define himself a cosplayer, but a cosplayer plays a role, Michael creates new personalities. I'm portraiting him in a long term project due to represent with the flou of the years his changing and the growing of his different looks.

© luca rotondo - Canadian Army

Canadian Army

© luca rotondo - USA Navy

USA Navy

© luca rotondo - English Special Operation

English Special Operation

© luca rotondo - Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force

© luca rotondo - Scottish Ranger

Scottish Ranger

© luca rotondo - Dutch Army Granatier

Dutch Army Granatier

© luca rotondo - Medieval english Infantry

Medieval english Infantry

© luca rotondo - Chinese mandarin Envoy

Chinese mandarin Envoy

© luca rotondo - Ex URSS Courtier

Ex URSS Courtier

© luca rotondo - Persian Courtier

Persian Courtier

© luca rotondo - Orthodox Emissary

Orthodox Emissary

© luca rotondo - Russian Cantor

Russian Cantor

© luca rotondo - Turkish Infantry

Turkish Infantry

© luca rotondo - USA first world war pilot

USA first world war pilot

© luca rotondo - DDR Sergeant

DDR Sergeant

© luca rotondo - Italian first world war Alpine Infantry

Italian first world war Alpine Infantry

© luca rotondo - Swiss Border Patrol

Swiss Border Patrol

© luca rotondo - DDR Air Force

DDR Air Force

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