Let's build a sandcastle

  • Dates
    2021 - 2024
  • Author
  • Topics Contemporary Issues, Documentary, Fine Art, Landscape, Nature & Environment, Portrait, Studio
  • Location Poland, Poland

Sand mining - a symbol of time and nature. Our greed leads to irreversible consequences. We must find a balance between human needs and protecting the planet.

Sand mining - crystalline tiny grains that have arranged themselves into harmonious patterns over eons, forming the unique substance of our planet. However, in today's times, we continue to delve deeper into these natural treasures, still immersed in the illusion of endless supply. The sand slipping through our fingers, like glistening nuggets, reminds us of our inevitable connection with nature. It is a symbol of time that prompts reflection on transience, on the cycle of life and death. But isn't it ironic that in the process of extraction, our actions resemble a dance on the edge?

The sand mountains shrink, and our ambitions grow at an alarming rate. Every drop of glass filled with it, every concrete block, every footprint on the beach, is a result of our greed, forgetting about limits and consequences. How long will we ignore this warning signal?

The towers of our cities reach the sky, each of them relying on foundations sweeping away millions of tons of this precious dust. But do we remember that sand is not just a raw material, not just a building material? It is also art, which nature has been painting on the shores of seas and oceans for centuries.

The responsibility lies now in our hands, in every move, in every decision. We must stop this insatiable appetite for sand before it becomes only a memory in the history books. We must find a balance between our needs and the needs of the Earth before we become victims of our own pride.

Today we go to the beach again

Today again to the beach. Fortresses. Castles. Moats.

I wanted to have breakfast before Kajtek.

To be on time. Bases. Palaces. Blocks.

And that sand that never ends.

Roads. Phones. Highways. We have to take everything.

Pack all things. Concrete. Cement. Glue.

Today we go to the beach again.

With a quick move, I turned the hourglass upside down.

Those three short minutes, which will boil my egg soft,

the sand trapped inside, surely pouring through eternity.

The hourglass is the perfect example of recycling.

Recycling of time.

Mathematical questions asked to infinity.

Dad, what's the biggest number in the Universe?

The sound of the sea. How loud is it? Sand squeaks underfoot.

How much does it squeak? With a stick in the sand.

Dad, which square is bigger?

An infinitely long horizon line.

Kajtek climbs the wet sand hill.

Waves wash over the feet. Pulling inward.

Like the sea's inhalation and exhalation. Taking the sand away.

Sea without a bottom. Pit without an end.

Sand gets into Kajtek's eyes. He cries.

The wind blows dust off the sand.

We bid farewell to the sea. We bid farewell to the sand.

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