Les and Edith

A diary of my encounters with my parents as they head toward their last days, and my last days with them.

Since I left New Zealand to work overseas just over ten years ago, I only return home to our family home, and see my parents once a year. They are both nearly ninety, and still live at home supporting each other and keeping a home for all of us to return to.

Each time I return it feels like a goodbye. I never know when will be the last time so every time feels like the last time, and I become acutely aware of saving memories of each visit, not only my parents, also what changes, and what stays the same.

Inevitably this cannot continue as their age and health decline.

The strength they have in caring for and loving each other feels increasingly fragile.

I would like to continue this project wherever it goes, and create a book of these times.

It would be great to have mentoring and assistance to edit, and work towards that book

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