Laissez-faire (literally "let do" in French) is a photographic project inspired by the principle proper to economic liberalism, favorable to the non-intervention of the state in the economic system; according to this theory, the selfish action of the individual citizen, in the search for his own well-being, would in fact be sufficient to guarantee the economic prosperity of the whole society. There is a clear trend in the third millennium that conservative politicians and economists have recently chosen the term 'free market capitalism' to define laissez-faire.

It is a photographic journey that tells the story of today's society, through the eyes of an investigating target, which reveals hidden worlds where the transgression within discos and the illusory dreams of a society linked to fiction make us want what is often superficial.

A look that wants to compare the transparency of powers to the images of employees locked up in glass office...where dependence on technology and modern forms of control are the masters.

It is a project that narrates artificial paradises, developed through clean, coherent images, illuminated by the neon lights of cities, with consumerist and money-related connotations.

These current issues, today more than ever...when the whole society is in the balance, between comfort, conformism, disease and isolation.

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