The author’s insight in the world of a young gay couple throughout 10 days of documentary-staged photography. The author introduces the story of two beautiful young boys with their boyish looks, who are, at the ages of 22 and 27, happily married and live a happy Berlin life. However, behind all this there is much more to discover. This is why the photographer slowly dives in their everyday, 24/7 life and thus uncovers the specifics of their daily routine, filled with erotica, sex, innocent self-importance, carefree roaming... The author is uncovering the complexity of interpersonal relationships on a daily basis, while simultaneously battling her own fears of how to live with people without retreating to the safety of her own privacy. This brings her to a deep vortex of emotions, which provides her with the inspiration for discovering the new, the unknown, the weird… All of which has, ultimately, always attracted and fascinated her so much. The influence the photographs leave with the depicted motifs of young male bodies, unveiled eroticism and a way of life, awakened a lot of interest on social media within a very limited timeframe. The young boys are not just some nippers in love, living a carefree life. They became Instagram celebrities, idols for thousands of young people, who yearn after a lifestyle they would love to experience, but due to certain social and political reasons, something like this remains a beautiful, sweet dream.

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