I Saw Yahsibey

  • Dates
    2022 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Topics Fine Art, Documentary, Archive
  • Locations Dikili, Milan

This project is about the colors of Yahşibey Village. Colors in cultural, historical, psychological, and conceptual contexts are discussed to produce colors specific to Yahşibey.

Eye contact is significant for communication. Understanding, hearing, feeling, and reading start with seeing in healthy communication. The eye contact that two people make while listening to each other is also the bridge they build between their minds. This bridge complements verbal communication with emotional communication between two people. When emotional and verbal communication is merged, the person can now see the other person ultimately. What she/he feels at that moment, what mood she/he is in, what she/he thinks about another person, her/his life, her/his tiredness; in a word, the person can reach her/his mind completely.

Eyes have been a very important communication tool for me ever since I discovered looking at people, reading them, and writing them down. I have lived and am living not only by looking but also by seeing.