hunting shadows

Hunting Shadows

Hunting shadows (2013-2015), it is a photographic work on hunting with hounds in the field, from a more personal point of view. This type of hunting is very traditional in Spain.

It's about a story that shows the world of John, a hunter who lives daily with their dogs. For him, it is more than a hobby, it's a way of life.

This type of hunting consist to locate hares that are in the field, then releasing two dogs that are able to hunt handedly.

The Greyhound is a breed of dog of Spanish origin. These animals are able to reach up to 70 km / h, this is one of its core values ​​seeking their owners, their speed and endurance.

When I started this job, I found very interesting to show this theme in a different way, creating a world full of atmosphere, mystery, fear ... around this story.

A world, that I was seeing in my head in time before taking these photographs.

In addition to document this topic, is very important to show an aesthetic that also talk about me.

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