Hemps True Potential

Four years ago, I set out to find a meaningful visual story to work on. I intended to document the refugee crisis in Europe but kept being interfered by hemp.

The wide spectrum of hemps applications shifted my interest from the effects of the human refugee crisis to its underlying causes. Eager to explore the plants full potential in mitigating human suffering and providing potential ecological solutions, I reconsidered and started to focus on documenting the fast lands of the hemp world.

To continue to deliver professional work while travelling, I made my car into a rolling home and office. This gave me the freedom and the liberty to explore the benefits of minimalism that added up perfectly with my discovery that hemp could house, feed, heal and dress humanity.

For the last four years I have documented the worldwide rediscovery of industrial hemp, photographing more than 200 projects, interviewing more than 80 industry-experts and travelling a total of 26 countries. The work will amount in a book, which will also depict my personal journey of awakening to the effects of our global economies on our lives and our planet. While carefully composing the individual storylines (text and images), I playfully explore a new way of engaging in a more ecological conscious lifestyle, by following the traces of hemp over five continents.

The book is aimed for publication in spring 2021.

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