great expectations

A pink sunset’s sky and there is dust everywhere, a village of clay. The houses have a pyramidal form due to the decreasing thickness of walls. Erosion creates a pattern, repetitions of small symbols. There was this black hole in the middle that fascinated me. One unrelenting sun to the zenith.

The tree, it color is hardly detached from the sand that surrounds it. The absence of vegetation creates tone uniqueness rarely observed between habitat and nature. The tombs of rubble, the cemetery are stones laid on the sand, everything here is humble, in detention. The pathways collide back toward their shared point of origin, an endless desert that one might think to abandon. A trickle of water mocks the thirsty hills, barely a drop. The delay of the rains face a sky obstinately blue.

The bed of the rivers are exhausted, the fruits are empty, it’s the drought.

Morocco scrutinizes the sky, worried. Agriculture supports nearly 40% of the kingdom’s population and remains by far the largest contributor to Gross Domestic Product. Starting 2015, the king, in his capacity as commander of believers, ordered that prayers will be performed throughout the kingdom every Friday to implore rain. The call to the Istisqa is intended to ward off drought but nothing happened. These prayers no longer take place, climate change affects the entire planet and scientist are setting a dark horizon.

The ripe fruits and vegetables are wasting away, the water table is exhausted. Imports become more profitable than production. Slowly, the city no longer exists, it lives only on it nostalgia.

The oldest Fossils of Homo Sapiens has been found in Morocco territory. Amazighs ethnic group live on the land of the first human remains. The feeling of precariousness of their fate is not strong enough to supersede their dignity as free men. Nomadism takes us back to a distant time, when man, to the astonishment of his condition of being conscious, wandered without seeking to appropriate the land he was surveying.

© Ayline Olukman - map


© Ayline Olukman - teeth


© Ayline Olukman - black sun

black sun

© Ayline Olukman - hand. arche

hand. arche

© Ayline Olukman - bataille


© Ayline Olukman - théâtre


© Ayline Olukman - ladder. bone

ladder. bone

© Ayline Olukman - draa


© Ayline Olukman - mouth. hollow

mouth. hollow

© Ayline Olukman - pyramids


© Ayline Olukman - temple. camel eye

temple. camel eye

© Ayline Olukman - alone


© Ayline Olukman - stairs. sunset

stairs. sunset

© Ayline Olukman - pipeline


© Ayline Olukman - green light

green light

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