Gracewood is a project about refuge. During the pandemic, through a series of unforeseen circumstances, I found myself living at Gracewood, a fifty-three acre avocado ranch. Throughout this time of isolation, I have been wandering the land with my camera, hoping to capture the sense of timelessness and beauty that exists here.

This land has a long history being part of the original land grants in California, to being home to the Chumash , who were the original inhabitants. Walking here, that sense of continuity and timelessness are palpable. Experiencing a place that is naturally in balance, full of beauty and wonder, during this time of great uncertainty

and disruption, has helped me to shift my perspective about life and how I would like to live it.

I have edited the images to reference the timeless and dreamlike quality of Gracewood, using focus and tone. They are printed on a Kozo Japanese paper

which adds to the sense of fragility which you may find in a print from another


Past and present, balance and chaos, endurance and fragility, all have been part of what I have been considering while working on this project. Gracewood has been a place of refuge that has allowed the process to unfold and these images to be made.

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