Future Unwritten

This series „Future Unwritten“ addresses the relationship between teenagers and their place of upbringing. Portraits of teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 are put into context with different scenes from their surroundings. In this phase of life, you often start to consciously perceive and reflect upon your hometown. Important decisions for the future have to be made. How far do I stray away from the familiar? How does my hometown influence my opportunities? The longing for a safe haven and the feeling of constriction might not be too far apart.

The series also depicts places that foreshadow the presence of these young adults. These could be places of longing, places where they hangout or hide. These images are combined with interior shots from possible family homes. In your own home, things often become invisible over time. Only the view from outside raises questions. To what extend do all these places influence us? How do they shape the way we think or live?

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